Jesse Cooper

Web developer. Creating for humans.


  • Node
  • Javascript (ES6)
  • HTML
  • C#


  • React
  • Redux
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • SocketIO

Tools & tech

  • Webpack
  • git
  • npm
  • Heroku
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A task tracking application that tackles the problem of unequal task weighting, while not compromising on simple, fast workflows. Each task is assigned difficulties in terms of time, effort, and focus, and these are used to sort tasks intelligently to a user's needs at any given time. Equal parts passion project and opportunity to learn.

Solo project. ES6, React, Redux, Express, Mongo.

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Group project with Aaron Romel. Boardroom came from our experiences working in small teams and was our solution to wanting the convenience of real-time messaging apps, but also the flexibility of a white board.

ES6, React, Express, Websockets.

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Branded is a loose, multi-user interpretation of the Prisoner's Dilemma, where up to 10 players have to work with (or use) each other to escape from an interrogation scenario.

Solo project. ES6, Express, SocketIO.

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API mashup project for a class. Uses Google Maps & MyGasFeed to find a list of nearest gas stations every so often (user specified) along a Google Maps route.

Solo project. ES5, Node. API requests routed through server, parsed on client.

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About me

Hi, I'm Jesse. I recently graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Game Design & Development and a minor in Computer Science. I've always loved tinkering with systems, seeing how they work, and modifying them, and programming has proven to be the most rewarding avenue for that curiosity by far. I'm currently focusing on Node and web technologies.

In my personal time, I enjoy teaching, hiking, playing strategy games (digital and analog), and learning new languages and programming skills.