Jesse Cooper

Who: Senior at RIT pursuing full stack development

What: NodeJS, HTML5/CSS3, Java, C/C++, some iOS/Android

Contact: Github, Resume, JesseAndCooper [AT]



Branded is a loose, multi-user interpretation of the Prisoner's Dilemma, where up to 10 players have to work with (or use) each other to escape from an interrogation scenario.

Solo project. ES6, NodeJS. Server-client interactions handled using Express &

Branded screenshot


API mashup project for a class. Uses to Google Maps & MyGasFeed to find a list of nearest gas stations every so often (user specified) along a Google Maps route. (NOTE: project is not actively maintained, so changes to/discontinued service of the APIs above may result in the app not working.)

Solo project. ES5, NodeJS. API requests routed through server, parsed on client.

Roadsign screenshot


Single player "do it yourself" adventure game, with light roleplaying elements.

Solo Project. ES5. All game state & logic handled client side, server just sends files as requested.

Paladin screenshot